BREAKING NEWS: Change Your LinkedIn Password Immediately!

Hopped on my LinkedIn account a few minutes ago and there was word that a major hack has occurred and roughly 6.5 million passwords were leaked. Click here for the original article and then I would highly suggest changing your password just to be safe!

If I were Mark Zuckerberg…

The things I hope I would do if I were Mark Zuckerburg: Make a gratitude list for all the teachers who shared their passion for learning with me when I was in school. Start a scholarship fund at my high school for students who want to go to college. Donate hoodies to at-risk youth in … Continue reading

Interview Tips: Mastering a video interview

With the price of airline tickets skyrocketing, many companies are choosing to utilize video conferencing and Skype to interview potential new hires.  There are many pro’s to this method but there are also just as many pitfalls to avoid. A few things to keep in mind: Make sure the lighting is good in the room … Continue reading

Job Growth- Am I Growing?

Early predictions for today’s job growth announcement point towards another month of job growth.  If the pundits are correct, it will be the sixth consecutive month that our economy has added jobs instead of losing jobs since 2006.  Those of us recruiting and placing in IT have been blessed with a much more robust market … Continue reading

Etiquette For a New Age: Be Where You Are

Smart phones have enhanced our lives in many ways but with these new tools we are left to our own common sense to use them appropriately.  The granddaughters of Emily Post have written a new and updated version of Emily’s timeless book: Emily Post’s Etiquette, Manners for a New World.  In it, they address etiquette … Continue reading

iPad: Coming to a Hospital Near You!

When Robots Attack  Perform Surgeries In this day and age of advancing technology, I find it interesting to take a look back at how far we’ve come particularly within the healthcare industry. A quick search through YouTube led me to these videos which visually illustrate the dramatic shift in technology. From computers the size of … Continue reading

Living Like The Jetsons: What Will the Future Bring?

Last week I had the ‘pleasure’ of getting a root canal at a new Endodontist’s office in town.  I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out the customary and lengthy paperwork and was pleasantly surprised to be led back to a small room with a computer and a keyboard.  I was instructed by the receptionist … Continue reading

Help Wanted: Get Paid to Play Angry Birds and Farmville- 40K per year plus benefits!

As ridiculous as this job ad sounds, corporations are losing billions of dollars in lost productivity as their employees “sneak” time to play online games such as Farmville and Angry Birds.  A colleague of mine got so caught up in their Farmville crops and adding neighbors to their online Facebook craze that they were losing … Continue reading

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