Etiquette For a New Age: Be Where You Are

Smart phones have enhanced our lives in many ways but with these new tools we are left to our own common sense to use them appropriately.  The granddaughters of Emily Post have written a new and updated version of Emily’s timeless book: Emily Post’s Etiquette, Manners for a New World.  In it, they address etiquette … Continue reading

Living Like The Jetsons: What Will the Future Bring?

Last week I had the ‘pleasure’ of getting a root canal at a new Endodontist’s office in town.  I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out the customary and lengthy paperwork and was pleasantly surprised to be led back to a small room with a computer and a keyboard.  I was instructed by the receptionist … Continue reading

Help Wanted: Get Paid to Play Angry Birds and Farmville- 40K per year plus benefits!

As ridiculous as this job ad sounds, corporations are losing billions of dollars in lost productivity as their employees “sneak” time to play online games such as Farmville and Angry Birds.  A colleague of mine got so caught up in their Farmville crops and adding neighbors to their online Facebook craze that they were losing … Continue reading

Information Technology Jobs Still Growing

As we become accustomed and somewhat numbed to the onslaught of bad news emanating from our computers, emails and televisions about our economy, one sector remains a bright light in an otherwise gloomy economy: Information Technology.  Technology careers are still very much in high demand and are on the rise as corporations who have been … Continue reading

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