Personality and Culture in the Workplace

I often tell my clients that one of the key things we focus on besides just skills and experience is finding the candidates who will mesh well with the rest of the team.  Studies have shown that chemistry accounts for more than 60% of the hiring decision.  On the flip side, as a candidate looking for a new career opportunity, this should be more than 60% of your focus as well.  This becomes even more crucial in smaller companies where the wrong mix of personalities can make or break your happiness quotient.  How many times have you left a job because of co-workers who just drive you to the liquor cabinet when you get home?

A few things to keep in mind during the interview:

  • During the interview process, it is critical to “look around”.  As you are getting the tour of the office, do people look up and smile when you walk by or do they look like prisoners of war?
  • Longevity of the team is also a good indicator of the office “happiness quotient”.   If everyone you meet has been with the company less than a year, you may want to ask some probing questions about that.  Growth and expansion could be one factor or it may be something more sinister like a revolving door culture.

As a candidate evaluating a job opportunity, you need to ask these questions and follow your gut instincts- they usually are correct.

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