Job Growth- Am I Growing?

Early predictions for today’s job growth announcement point towards another month of job growth.  If the pundits are correct, it will be the sixth consecutive month that our economy has added jobs instead of losing jobs since 2006.  Those of us recruiting and placing in IT have been blessed with a much more robust market than other sectors that have been hit hard in the recession.  This could be the best belated Christmas present for many who are searching for work.

Now is the time to take a look at your career.  The market is improving.   Are you challenged?  Do you dread Monday’s or get excited about all the possibilities that await you?  Life is short.  You spend more time at work during the week than you do with your family.  Studies show that people who are happily engaged in a career that they love have happier relationships and are less prone to illness.

Steps to evaluate your current position:

  1. Ask yourself to rate your level of job satisfaction on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being perfect
  2. If the score is anything less than an 8, make a list of things that you would change to make it more enjoyable and meaningful.
  3. Evaluate those things and put them into 2 columns: ‘Things I can Change’ and ‘Things I Can’t Change’
  4. If the list of ‘Things I Can’t Change’ overwhelmingly outnumbers the other, it may be time to consider a job change

Even if you decide that you are not ready to make a change and start looking for a new job, this exercise can give you a good insight into your current situation.  It may be just what you need to refresh your attitude and look at your “old job” in a brand new light!

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