Are the holidays a bad time to look for a job?

The Holiday season could be one of the best times of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year are wonderful times to celebrate with family and friends and kick back and eat some delicious food. So there’s no need to look for a job, right? WRONG!

With fourteen full Holiday seasons under my belt as an executive recruiter, I always hear this from candidates who are under the impression that the Holiday season is not a good time to look for a new position.  In fact the opposite is true and I have seen it referred to as the “Holiday Hiring Myth.”  Many companies are evaluating end-of-year staffing requirements and preparing for the New Year.

A mental slow down at this time in many companies makes it easier to get multiple hiring managers together to interview and make decisions which allows the new hire to give their notice and start after the holidays.  Now is a great time to spruce up you resume and put feelers out there.  The economy is heating up and companies are hiring in the IT sector.  Are you ready to upgrade?

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