iPad: Coming to a Hospital Near You!

When Robots Attack  Perform Surgeries

In this day and age of advancing technology, I find it interesting to take a look back at how far we’ve come particularly within the healthcare industry. A quick search through YouTube led me to these videos which visually illustrate the dramatic shift in technology.

From computers the size of a small warehouse to hand-held devices, such as the iPad, that can just about fit in your pocket; we have come a long way in just a few years. An article from Healthcare IT News states that “80 percent of the top hospitals in the U.S. are now testing or piloting the iPad.” As envisioned by Steve Jobs, the iPad has taken the world by storm.  There’s no denying the fact that technology has made the healthcare industry more efficient and reliable but when will it be too much? When a robot is performing surgeries? As much as I loved Johnny Five, he wouldn’t be high on my top ten list of surgeons. I guess we will just have to wait and see what’s next…

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