Information Technology Jobs Still Growing

As we become accustomed and somewhat numbed to the onslaught of bad news emanating from our computers, emails and televisions about our economy, one sector remains a bright light in an otherwise gloomy economy: Information Technology.  Technology careers are still very much in high demand and are on the rise as corporations who have been conservatively “sitting on their cash” look for ways to increase revenues through streamlined technology.   The demand for better smart phone apps grows as more than 5 Billion people have smart phones and more than 2 Billion already use the internet daily.

With the signing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) nearly 3 years ago, Washington dictated to our healthcare organizations nationwide, “Go electronic and we’ll help you pay for it.  Choose not to and we’ll penalize you by reducing your Medicare/ Medicaid reimbursements.”  This enacted a tidal wave of hiring of information technology candidates who were instantly needed to help design, build and implement  massive waves of electronic health record implementation as hospitals and healthcare providers scramble to meet meaningful use guidelines.

According to an article listed on, there has been a  32% increase in technology jobs posted by staffing and recruiting firms since July 2011.  smithgroupIT currently has more than 50 opportunities just with our clients for candidates experienced in implementing, designing and building the EHR for hospitals nationwide.  In our network, we have more than 400+ Information Technology jobs ranging from executive level CIO and IT Director to junior programmers, business analysts, database developers, application analysts and programmers, etc.  It’s a good time for a talented IT candidate and a bright spot in an otherwise gray landscape in our economy.

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