Top 10 ways NOT to get hired on your next IT job interview

10.  Lie on your resume

9. Arrive 20 minutes late to the interview and yawn repeatedly complaining about how late you were up last night watching Jersey Shore episodes on TiVo

8. Continuously check your pager for important “pages”

7. Ask about how soon you can take a vacation after you start

6. Ask if there is a policy against naps during business hours

5. Chew gum and blow bubbles

4. Bring your spouse to the interview and have them ask their own questions about how soon maternity benefits are effective

3.  Ask about the company smoking policy letting the interviewer know you will be A LOT more productive if you are allowed to smoke at your desk

2. Announce that you hope this interview goes better than the one you had yesterday with the police being called to remove you from the building

And the number one way to NOT get hired on your next IT job interview…….

1. After shaking hands with the interviewer, take out your Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer and vigorously coat your hands with it stating, “ I am very careful about who I touch.”

While this is obviously a tongue-in-cheek list, there are many do’s and don’ts when seeking your next job.  Common sense appears to have been retired and as a recruiter, I hear and live some of these “off-the-wall” examples.  The obvious ones are turn off your cell phone or better yet, leave it in the car.  Don’t ask questions about salary and benefits on the first interview and show up a few minutes early in professional attire.  Read as much information about the company on their website, LinkedIn pages or blogs so you are prepared to comment on a recent accolade and be prepared to ask thoughtful questions about the company and the position you are interviewing for.  Send a thank you after the interview and you will be head and shoulders above 70% of the other applicants.

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