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BREAKING NEWS: Change Your LinkedIn Password Immediately!

Hopped on my LinkedIn account a few minutes ago and there was word that a major hack has occurred and roughly 6.5 million passwords were leaked. Click here for the original article and then I would highly suggest changing your password just to be safe!

Giving Thanks This Memorial Day

We are fortunate to have a strong military that protects our borders and the way of life the pioneers dreamed of and for which they fought.  We are fortunate that when we hear a loud boom walking down the street, we most often think of a car backfiring, not a bomb.  We are fortunate to … Continue reading

If I were Mark Zuckerberg…

The things I hope I would do if I were Mark Zuckerburg: Make a gratitude list for all the teachers who shared their passion for learning with me when I was in school. Start a scholarship fund at my high school for students who want to go to college. Donate hoodies to at-risk youth in … Continue reading

Spring Into A New Career

With the past month’s weather being so…well, nice….my blogging has fallen off with the forsythia blossoms.  One thing I know for sure is that it is a great time to seek a new role that fills the gaps in happiness you have in your current role. Too busy to go through the hassle of sending … Continue reading

Interview Tips: Mastering a video interview

With the price of airline tickets skyrocketing, many companies are choosing to utilize video conferencing and Skype to interview potential new hires.  There are many pro’s to this method but there are also just as many pitfalls to avoid. A few things to keep in mind: Make sure the lighting is good in the room … Continue reading

Resume Tip: Less Is NOT More!

The argument wages on.  I just had this conversation with a candidate yesterday with 25+ years of experience and a very short, one-page resume.  Should your resume be limited to one page or should it be expanded with more detail?  As an executive recruiter focusing in technical areas such as information technology and engineering, less … Continue reading

To use a headhunter or not to use a headhunter…

I remember being asked this question by a candidate during the crazy days of 2006.  Our country was in the middle of an economic boom.  The 9/11 economic hangover was fading and dot-com bust was a memory.  I made a recruit call one afternoon and a candidate asked me why he would use a headhunter … Continue reading

Personality and Culture in the Workplace

I often tell my clients that one of the key things we focus on besides just skills and experience is finding the candidates who will mesh well with the rest of the team.  Studies have shown that chemistry accounts for more than 60% of the hiring decision.  On the flip side, as a candidate looking … Continue reading

Job Growth- Am I Growing?

Early predictions for today’s job growth announcement point towards another month of job growth.  If the pundits are correct, it will be the sixth consecutive month that our economy has added jobs instead of losing jobs since 2006.  Those of us recruiting and placing in IT have been blessed with a much more robust market … Continue reading

Thank You!

2011 was a wonderful year for smithgroupIT.  We are thankful for the abundance in our lives and for all of our clients and candidates we have worked with this past year.  It has been a pleasure serving all of you.  Wishing all of you a blessed, happy, and healthy 2012! Check out our Holiday Video … Continue reading

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